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Our Mission

Empowering Youth

Our mission to provide youth with projects that create a sense of accomplishment, an understanding of hard work, the skills to be a leader and the power of teamwork. One Track Mind believes in the power of our youth and their contribution to each and every project. We engage them in nature, establish work ethic and inspire development and growth through paid programs.


Building tomorrow’s leaders through outdoor adventure
Tracy Paradise


Fostering love for our trails and the connection with nature
Tracy Paradise


Enhancing health and joy through the experience of singletrack


Sharing knowledge and skills on and off the trail

Biking Transcends the Trail

From our sketches on a map to the dirt in your tread, we bring mountain biking to life. One Track Mind calls upon our youth, education, and exercise to create opportunities for more people to experience the transformative power of mountain biking. We partner with regional experts creating opportunities for local youth to develop skills to excel on the trail and in life.

Tracy Paradise

Tracy Paradise cofounded the One Track Mind Foundation in 2017 with the help of John Danhakl, a longtime friend and mountain bike enthusiast. Her vision in creating OTM was to advance the sport of mountain biking by supporting the work of youth crews in building, improving, and maintaining singletrack. The Foundation is committed to creating opportunities for young people to develop life skills and an appreciation for the sport through unique outdoor summer programs.
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Become a part of our trailblazing mission. Support One Track Mind in creating sustainable trails and empowering communities. Your involvement makes a difference.