One Track Mind’s Commitment to Youth


How One Track Mind is Shaping Future Trail Leaders

At One Track Mind, we’re all about getting youth on bikes and into the great outdoors. It’s not just about teaching them how to nail a berm or master a bunny hop; it’s about instilling a sense of adventure and teamwork. We engage young riders through hands-on trail building projects, where they learn the value of hard work and environmental stewardship. By involving them in every step, from planning to pedal-pushing, we’re crafting future leaders and trailblazers who understand the importance of community and nature.

Youth engaged through Conservation Corps
Hours of technical skills training for youth
Miles of singletrack maintained by youth

Our Youth Partners

Youth engagement is at the core of our mission and we partner with the best.  

Central Idaho Mountain 
Bike Association

Central Idaho Mountain Biking Association (CIMBA) in collaboration with the One Track Mind, and Montana Conservation Corps (MCC), has significantly contributed to trail development and maintenance, focusing on projects like Brundage to Bear Basin and the Payette Lake Trail. This partnership has empowered a diverse group of young adults and youth to engage deeply with nature through trail work, fostering a strong connection to the outdoors and instilling a sense of stewardship for the environment. This ongoing effort exemplifies the power of community and collaboration in preserving and enhancing outdoor recreational spaces.


Conservation Corps 
Minnesota & Iowa

Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa engages youth and young adults in meaningful service, leadership development, and environmental stewardship throughout the Midwest. OTM has partnered with Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa on a number of trail projects for Three Rivers Park District in the Greater Twin Cities metro area, including extended trail maintenance and improvement at the Split Rock Wilds, Demonstration Forest, Elm Creek, Lake Rebecca, Murphy Hanrahan and Monarch trail systems.

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Idaho Conservation Corps

In 2018 and 2019, One Track Mind-funded initiative with the Idaho Conservation Corps oversaw 85 Idaho Conservation Corps youth and young adults carry out 11,431 project hours of construction and maintenance of key mountain bike trails in Payette National Forest. 33.4 miles of trail were improved and 538 drainage structures were constructed.

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Wisconsin Conservation Corps

In 2023, OTM collaborated with Wisconsin Conservation Corps (WCC) on the Telemark project. WCC, part of Americorps, offers conservation and nature education roles in the Upper Midwest. Their work includes a Crew Program and an Individual Placement Program, focusing on environmental stewardship and education. Our Wisconsin projects will see more of WCC for years to come.

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One Track Mind Foundation and RYMC have forged a dynamic partnership, focusing on trail development and restoration in the White River National Forest. This collaboration has seen RYMC’s Community Youth Crews and adult conservation corps teams working diligently on the Tenderfoot Mountain and Peaks Trail projects, contributing to trail construction and restoration. This joint effort also includes the work at Leadville on the uphill section and widening trails for more accessibility for hand cyclists. Beyond that work, there was an exciting Weber Gulch Trail project in Bald Mountain. Together, these initiatives symbolize a commitment to enhancing outdoor recreation and fostering environmental stewardship, while bringing valuable trails and natural experiences to the communities of Colorado.

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Montana Conservation Corps

Montana Conservation Corps is dedicated to inspiring young people through hands-on conservation service to be leaders, stewards of the land, and engaged citizens. OTM has partnered with the MCC on Wallman Trail in northeastern Montana as well as a number of trail maintenance projects in McCall, Idaho.

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