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Bear Basin
Bear Basin
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Bear Basin
Bear Basin

About Bear Basin Trails

Bear Basin, a gem in the McCall area and a beacon for mountain bikers, boasts 16 miles of scenic, forested trails. As McCall’s original stacked loop trail system, it’s a harmonious blend of hand built rustic paths and modern, machine-crafted trails. With features like stacked berms, doubles, and even some sizable tabletops, Bear Basin caters to riders of all skill levels, offering challenges even to the most seasoned cyclists. The Upper and Lower Drain trails, notable for their flowy nature, are the latest additions to this popular destination.

CIMBA adopted this trail with support from One Track Mind and Idaho Conservation Corps youth crews and have diligently worked on maintaining its beauty and accessibility, focusing on brushing, drainage, and general upkeep during the summers.

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Stacked loops, Flow trails, Berms, Table tops

Project Partners

Idaho Conservation Corps
Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association (CIMBA)
Creating Longevity

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Your contribution empowers local youth to take part in the stewardship of our trails, instilling a sense of responsibility and pride as they maintain and improve these vital outdoor spaces. With each donation, you’re not only keeping the trails alive; you’re investing in the hands-on education and development of young guardians of the environment. Support our mission and watch our trails — and their youthful caretakers — thrive.