Downer Park Ridge Trail

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Downer Park Ridge Trail
Downer Park Ridge Trail
Downer Park Ridge Trail
Downer Park Ridge Trail

About Downer Park Ridge Trail

The Downer Park Ridge Trail, a new addition spanning a quarter mile, is the latest development in Duluth’s trail network. One Track Mind foundation empowered MCC youth crew to build this quarter mile of trail proposed by COGGS. This trail forms a crucial connection to the Downer Park Advanced Loop, known for its challenging, steep, and technical terrain along the cliffs above Amity Creek. Designed for the daring, this trail offers an adrenaline-fueled experience for advanced riders.

Looking to the future, the Downer Park Ridge Trail is set to become an integral part of the Duluth Traverse Spine. This larger trail network will create seamless connections between Lester Park, Hawk Ridge, and Hartley Park, significantly enhancing the trail experience in the region.

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Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores – Duluth (COGGS)
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