Payette Lake

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Payette Lake
Payette Lake
Payette Lake
Payette Lake
Payette Lake

About Payette Lake Trail

One Track Mind Foundation’s very first build project, which encompasses 6 miles of new trail, represents an exciting development in McCall’s mountain biking scene. OTM was at the forefront of creating this Tahoe Rim style trail. One Track Mind brought in Progressive Trail Design as a partner to assist with the build and trail design.

The Payette Lake Trail offers varied terrain with features like berms, rock gardens, and an adrenaline-pumping downhill section along a rocky ridge. This trail serves as a crucial connector, linking the Payette Lake Trail with the Bear Basin system and trails at Brundage Mountain Resort.

Payette Lake Trail- West Side on Trailforks.com
Singletrack, Two-way
Berms, Rock Gardens, Downhill Sections, Flow Trail, Lake Views

Project Partners

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