Payette Rim Trail

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20 Mile Trail
20 Mile Trail
20 Mile Trail
20 Mile Trail
20 Mile Trail

About Payette Rim Trail

The Payette Rim Trail, a historic gem in McCall, Idaho. OTM made significant improvements in collaboration with the Idaho Conservation Corps youth crews. This crew cleared logs and brush, repaired eroded sections, and enhanced drainage to ensure its continued appeal and functionality for trail users.

The Payette Rim Trail is adorned with exciting features like rock rollovers, rock launchers, and rustic wooden elements, offering a dynamic and engaging experience for mountain bikers. This trail serves as a crucial connector in the region. This trail links the newly developed Payette Lake Trail, the Bear Basin system, and the trails at Brundage Mountain Resort.

Payette Lake Trail- West Side on Trailforks.com
Singletrack, Two-way
Rock Rollovers, Rock Launchers, Rustic Wooden Features, Lake views

Project Partners

Idaho Conservation Corps
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