Split Rock Wilds

Two Harbors, MinnesotaTrail Build Project
Split Rock Wilds
Split Rock Wilds
Split Rock Wilds
Split Rock Wilds
Split Rock Wilds
Split Rock Wilds
Split Rock Wilds
Split Rock Wilds
Split Rock Wilds
Split Rock Wilds

About Split Rock Wilds

Split Rock Wilds is another one of our CEO’s favorites.  If you love technical terrain, be sure to bring your Full Squish to enjoy this terrain!  OTM has been committed to this location since 2020 with Conservation Corps engaged each summer for anywhere from 2-4 weeks.  OTM in collaboration with Lake County has been dedicated to setting this destination up to be an exciting addition to Minnesota’s trail offerings.  We have had several trail builders at this location, Rock Solid, Dirt Candy and Zenith to really create a diverse ride experience. 

Trails Include

  • OTM Trail
  • Lower Neovision
  • Charlie Girl (she makes a showing at each location OTM is an instigator of)
  • Ope!
  • Brinkmanship

This is just the beginning! We have lots more to do here!

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Jumps, Alternate Ride Lines, Bridge Overpass, Rocky and Technical

Project Partners

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Zenith Trail Constructing
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Conservation Corps of MN & Iowa
Rock Solid Trail Contracting
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Lake County Mountain Bike Trails
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Dirt Candy Designs
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