Weber Gulch Trail

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Weber Gulch Trail
Weber Gulch Trail

About Weber Gulch Trail

Dive into the heart of Breckenridge’s natural grandeur with the Weber Gulch Trail, a 6-mile marvel born from the collaboration between One Track Mind Foundation and the Town of Breckenridge Open Space & Trails. This blue-rated trail, ideal for moderate to intermediate explorers, forges a vital connection from the well-trodden Weber Gulch Trail to the thrilling Nightmare Trail.

Traversing the northern slopes of Baldy Mountain, the Weber Gulch Trail is a sanctuary of towering Douglas Fir and Engelmann Spruce trees. Cyclists and hikers will be treated to a historical journey, riding alongside century-old mining ditches and past remnants of Breckenridge’s rich mining heritage.

Strategically located in the Town of Breckenridge and Summit County Open Space, this multi-use treasure is ready to welcome mountain bikers of all ages, promising year-round adventure beneath the Bald Mountain tree line.

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Rollers, Berms, Tight Switchbacks

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