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Winter Training: Endurance & Cardio

In my first blog I wrote about three areas of reflection and possible improvement for the winter: Endurance, Strength, and Skills. So, let’s hone in on the first one: Endurance. Pedaling sections on mountain biking trails are a love-hate relationship for many. If...

Winter Training: Why Should I?

Summer and fall are well in the rear-view mirror, and we’re smack dab in the depths of winter. Daylight is in short supply, so why not just hang up the wheels, get a few cold brews, a bag of Lays and settle into some good old hibernation time? I start this off a...

Winter Bike Storage

Follow these steps to make sure your bike has a cozy hibernation and is ready to rip come springtime:

Building More Than Trails

Our hope is that youth participating in OTM programs gain leadership skills and come to understand the power of teamwork and creative problem solving, and that they are moved by a sense of pride and accomplishment in seeing large projects through to completion.


Thankful For The Trail

2020... Safe to say we’ll remember this one. With all of the political, pandemic, and economic crises that have left their mark on pretty much anything you can think of, there’s one outlet that has been largely spared. The outdoors. For those of us who are able,...

Bikes Mean Business: Duluth

As Interstate 35 makes its way into Northern Minnesota, the pavement bends to the east and crests a hill that offers one of the most striking views in the Midwest. The endless expanse of Lake Superior stretches into the horizon, flanked by the industrial port city...

The Art of Trail Building

Each of our mountain bike trail projects comes to life through the vision and skill of expert trail builders. Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with Progressive Trail Design on builds across the country.

What to Pack For Mountain Biking

Different mountain biking adventures call for different essential items. Our goal with this list is to start you off with a solid foundation that will make any ride as smooth as possible.

Tracy Paradise

Three Ways to Support Local Mountain Bike Trails

Whether you live near established trail systems or don’t have any trails close to home yet, you have the power to support the sport and expand opportunities in your community. Here are three ways you can start supporting mountain bike trails today...

Lake County Trail Work in the News!

One Track Mind and Lake County Forestry are hard at work building trails in the Two Harbors, MN Area. Northshore Journal talks with Tracy Paradise, CEO of One Track Mind Foundation about the making of the partnership and the drive to build more trails. As Kitty...

Big Woods Classic 7/11-7/26

It's a singeltrack trifecta! A three-pack of mountain bike races! This year, Big Woods Classic will have a new twist. Due to COVID-19 and the inability to have large, in-person gatherings, this year’s Big Woods Classic will take place virtually over a two-week...

Turquoise Lake Update

Leadville’s largest trail construction project in years! In June the Cloud City Wheelers began the construction of an 8 mile system in Lake County's Turquoise Lake Recreation area funded by the One Track Mind Foundation. These trails will leverage the unique...